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From This Land Minecraft Server

This Land is a semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server made by and for autistic adults and friends. Everyone aged 18 or over is welcome as long as they follow the rules and remember that This Land is specifically tailored to be a safe place for autistic and nonbinary people.

It was started in June 2014 by Cassolotl (they/them), and we started a new map in November 2019.



  • Whitelisted. Players must be whitelisted by the admin in order to log in. We find that this prevents griefing and feels safer for players.
  • Semi-vanilla. We aim for a game that's close to vanilla Minecraft. We are minimal with plugins and mods.
  • Survival. Everyone plays in survival mode, including the mods and admin.
  • Player-versus-environment. Our PvP plugin is set to "off" by default, so unless you change your PvP setting no one can harm you. Difficulty is set to normal. The GriefPrevention plugin allows you to protect your builds and belongings.
  • Adults only. Players must be 18 or older to join.
  • Chat plugin. AutismChat3 allows players to manage their interaction. Players can change their colour (red, yellow, green, white) to signal how sociable they're feeling, join other players to form small informal groups and chat privately, and turn global chat on and off.
  • Trans-friendly. The founder and many of the regular players are both trans and nonbinary, and we have rules to make sure that everyone's genders are respected.